Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Something substantive

Aside from the delightful picture of me with a chili dog, this is my first real blog post. To begin with, a little in the way of introduction. I do a lot of stuff. I wanted to start this blog to have a space to talk about things that I am obsessed with. At the moment, this means yarn and bicylces. Where yarn is concerned, I am a spinner and knitter. Where bikes are concerned, I am a rider and mechanic. This blog is dedicated to the furthering of those obsessions in myself and others. It will be big on colorful pictures and small on soapbox banter.
Even as a child of the digital age, I'm often pretty stone-age minded. So in a way it's a little funny for me to be even thinking about having a blog, much less one about arts and crafts, a subject which falls a little more accurately on my internal calendar (think about 20 years slow). Plus, I have no idea how to make this damn thing do what I want it to do.
But then again, I've always been the type to lean by doing (hence the aforementioned obsessions to begin with), so here goes!

At the moment I'm in the middle of, let's seee... one...two.... yeah, about a billion knitting projects. But one at a time. Here's some pictures of recently recycled yarn from two sweaters I bought for four bucks a piece at salvation army. No before pictures. They were pastel stockinette-stitch industrial turtlenecks. Pretty blah, but wow, the yarn was soft. Tiny-guage merino/angora blend.
After spending a really inordinately large amount of time meticulously ripping seams and unravelling, here's what I had:

Close to two pounds, and 3,000 yards of yarn!

Then I soaked it

IMG_1278 And dyed it

IMG_1305 And here's what I ended up with.

I hadn't expected it to be so varigated. As a matter of fact, I was worried that it wouldn't be varigated enough. I'm going to knit them doubled, one strand of each, for a really nice mottled effect. Soon I'll get up a picture of my swatch.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

a picture

this is me with a chili dog.